Welcome to Kool Panda Websites

Welcome to Kool Panda Websites

By now we have set you all up with your brand new website – congratulations!!

How to Access your website

To access your website see the link we sent you in your email.

Your login address will be something like;


You will need your username and password to log in.

How to change a feature on your website – (request a revision)

It is important to know that you can change ANY ASPECT (revise) of your website from fonts, colours, images, and layouts.

All you need to do tell us what to change or update on your site.

All clients have UNLIMITED REVISIONS for 14 days. If you have subscribed to our CARE PLAN AND REVISIONS Package, then you also have 60 minutes worth of revisions month on month for as long as you subscribe.

To request a revision;

Click – Select – Revise – Submit

LOGIN: Go to your login page and log in using your username and password we sent to you in the welcome email

GO TO PAGE: On the front end, (website pages) navigate to any page you want to revise using the links and buttons on the website

CLICK – ACTIVATE FEEDBACK SYSTEM: Click the plus sign on the bottom (or side) of the page to activate the feedback system

SELECT ITEM TO REVISE OR SELECT GENERAL: Hover over the item or part of the page that you want to change, or, if you want to change a general setting e.g. change site colours, then select general.

REVISE – TYPE REVISION: In the feedback box tell us what you want to revise.

SET PRIORITY: Select priority (High, Medium, Low).

SUBMIT – Click the Send button to submit the revision ticket

We will pick up your request and revise the website accordingly.

Please see our support videos for more information.