Questions we are asked a lot…

Questions about Setting up

How do I move forward with this project?

Simply Order Your Chosen Website and supply your domain and hosting details and we’ll get your site up within 24 hours or less. If you dont have a domain name or hosting we can supply it click here.

What can you change when you set up my website?

We will change ANYTHING you like for you, this includes (but not limited to);

  • Registering Domain Name and Hosting Account for you – added service
  • Add your Fonts, Logos, Branding, Text, Photos where necessary
  • Connect your site with Social Media Accounts
  • Optimise your pages for local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Ensure your website is mobile and tablet friendly
  • Set up and add any ‘add-on’ services you have requested – (added fees may apply)
Will you supply hosting and domain name?

We can if you want – No worries – Simply add this service to your order.

Can I use my own Domain Name that I already own?

Yes of course. Simply point the domain DNS to our servers or we can do that for you. Or, we can transfer the domain over our servers – whatever you want.

Will my website get me more customers?

Your website will be SEO optimised for local search. This can be enough to rank your website promantly of local search results but often it may need an extra helping hand with other offsite SEO actions. We will advise you on this or, we can do this for you as an additional addon.

We do not guarantee rankings on search engines as this is not 100% in our control, however, we will prepare your site for SEO and guide you through what else you could do to help push it out there 🙂


Will my site meet legal GDPR and other Privacy laws?

Yes. We will include all the legally required notices for your visitors. We include bolierplate policies and terms but you may change them at anytime.

Will my site be 100% secure?

Yes. All sites are secured with SSL technology. This is all included with the monthly subscription.

Costs & Pricing Questions

How much does it all cost?

Our Pricing is clearly stated on this website. We believe we offer excellent value for money.

When do I have to make payment?

All orders are prepaid – simply order from our shop.

When does the Care Plan Subscription start?

The initial build fee includes the first months Care Plan subscription so the monthly payment starts from the second month onwards.

How do I pay for the add-ons?

Simple, order them from our shop.

Is there a minimum subscription period for the Care Plan?

No. You may cancel at anytime.

Are you VAT Registered

At this time we are not registered for VAT as we work with a small select group of businesses. If we exceed the VAT threshold we will let you know and change our procing accrdingly.

Questions about your website design

Can I use my own logo and branding?

Absolutely, this is essential for your business image and reputation. We will design your website around your logo and colors etc.

Can you design my logo please?

Yes no worries. Order this service from the shop.

Can I change the colours, fonts, images etc?

Yes. We will initially build your website using the branding, colours and images you have instructed, but you can change any aspect of your website as you please. Let us know and will will do it all for you.

Can I edit the website myself?

If you want, but we would not advise it. The technology we use for your website is advanced and requires a steep learning curve.

We are happy to amend, tweak and adjust your website as required as part of your Care Plan Subscription. This is what we are here for so that you can just concentrate on other things such as, social media marketing, blogs etc.

Can my website link to my Social Media Accounts?

Yes absolutely, this is part of the initial build.

Do I own the Website, Domain Name and Hosting?

Yes. Everything is yours to do with as you wish.

Questions about our Support System

How do I request a change or update on my website?

We have an amazing communication system built into your website that only you (and yourstaff) can see. Use this to tell us what and where you want to change or update things.

How do I contact you for other issues?

Yes no problem. Simply contact us via the feedback system on your website or here on our contact form.

How much support can I have?

The first 14 days is unlimited support & Revisions. When you subscribe to our Care Plan Package support is on-going.

How do I get extra support? s

Just contact us.

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