About Us

Hi fellow Local Business Owner

My name is Lawrence Hart and I am the founder of Kool Panda Websites.

First things first, my number one aim is to help people like you find online success for your business so that you can enjoy great growth and more profits!

I have been designing websites and marketing online since the dawn of the internet 🙂 . In fact, this is a great passion of mine and have in-depth knowledge and experience within the Marketing Arena.

As a Local Businessperson myself I really understand the needs and demands placed upon business people and have developed an effective online marketing system designed to attract and retain new customers.

My team and I really hope to be working with you and your local business.



How we work


Choose a Website – our collection is growing

Domain & host

Tell us where to host it – we also offer hosting & domain names


Revise until you make it your own

Our process in a nutshell;

  1. Client enquires about our ready-made website service
  2. The client chooses an appropriate website
  3. The client provides Hosting and Domain details or uses our own service
  4. The client can submit any other initial images and information before the launch
  5. The client’s website is launched within 24 hours
  6. We show the client how to request revisions
  7. Revisions are done within a few hours

Take a look at our Websites & Services